Artist Profile: Rob Ryan AKA Mister Rob

The more I investigate and research, the more I am learning to embrace my love of paper and the craftsmanship working with paper can involve.

Rob Ryan: You can still do a lot wit a small brain

Rob Ryan: You can still do a lot wit a small brain

Rob Ryan is quite a well-known British artist, known for his paper cutting.

He moved around a fair bit as a child and found that drawing was like a friend that was always there for him. He feels that his continual love for reading children’s stories throughout his life has helped with his approach to art. He says:

“We are the same people we were as children, we are just bigger and pretend we’re not”.

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Artist profile: Yulia Brodskaya


As a designer seeking inspiration, the Internet, for me at least, plays a critical role in seeking new ideas and current trends. I can remember the day I stumbled upon the website and fine quilling art of Yulia Brodskaya, it was like a whole new window had been opened to my career and the view was amazing. As corny as it might sound, I believe finding Yulia’s website changed my life… Not in a ‘single white female’ way… But I was inspired…

Yulia is a Russian born artist, illustrator, crafter and typographer who lives in the United Kingdom. Her long list of commercial clients is ever growing. Her website is an amazing collection of works ranging across her spectrum of skills.

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