River Fire 2013

Every year during September, Brisbane has a festival. At the end of that festival it finishes off with a fireworks spectacular. I haven’t been along for a few years, but this year my husband and I decided to go. It was pretty cool. I have attached a few photos from the day.

We found our spot right in the middle of the Victoria bridge in the middle of Brisbane City. We didn’t have to wait too long before the Super hornets did their fly over and the helicopters soon followed.

There was about an hour to wait and of course I had to have a potty break. I had to fight through to growing numbers of people to get back to the city. Two birds with one stone though… I got some snacks while I was there.

The crowds were massive, the weather perfect and the atmosphere electric! The fireworks started just after 7pm and entertained for 20 mins. I have often been of the opinion that fireworks are a bit of an extravagance, but, to be honest I really enjoyed the show. We’ll worth the wait and the crowds. 🙂

It was great fun!



My husband and I waiting for the show.


F18 Super Hornets wooshing by


Helicopters flying past


Showing off at Southbank


Let the show begin, let me focus


Raining sparkles from the Goodwill Bridge


The festival explodes

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