Light projection masterpiece

Wow, this is an amazing video! It makes you believe in magic… ok, at least that some people are really smart! Very much worth the reblog

Zack Chia

When I saw this video, I knew I just had to talk about it. This is some serious light projection experiment done on moving surfaces which explores the possibilities of real and digital space. I questioned the accuracy of this light projection mapping initially, but was completely taken in by the video. Towards the end, it even corresponds with the environment and the beauty of how the elements interacts as well as the animated sequences is simply mind blowing. All done by possibility 2 projector arms. It is absolutely magical. Brilliant work by Bot & Dolly from Mississippi USA.

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River Fire 2013

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Every year during September, Brisbane has a festival. At the end of that festival it finishes off with a fireworks spectacular. I haven’t been along for a few years, but this year my husband and I decided to go. It … Continue reading

The lost art of letter writing

With the revolution of the internet it is easier than ever, texting, tweeting, status updating – as a consequence letter writing has fallen by the way side and now, it is often bills or junk mail that fill our letter boxes instead of personal communication. Last year my partner at the time (now husband) went to Ireland for three months, there he had limited internet and as the time-zones were quite different phone calls were expensive and hard to coordinate. So for everyday of those three months I hand-wrote him a letter to help keep our communication channels open. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t follow all of the rules listed below (I used lined paper most of the time), but all of the letters were hand written… he said on his return that it was the highlight of his day receiving my letter in the post, he has kept all of my letters to him and I certainly kept the letters he sent me.

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You will never influence the work by trying to be like it

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it – artist unknown

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.

Seeing yourself as unique can be tricky in the internet age, everywhere you look you can see astounding creativity and mind-blowing skills. I like this motivational poster (unfortunately I don’t know who designed it 😦 ) because it motivates me to take a step back and think about what makes me different from everyone else… I also love the typography! 😀

A quick foxy project

It is probably time I demonstrated a project of my own, although I do love doing profiles on other artists — It gives you a goal to aim for in excellence.

Today I will be posting about the processes I go through when cutting a new project. I have started with a basic option today and I have selected this cute fox as my starting point.

If you like this project the finished cut is available for sale on ETSY at:

Finished fox paper cut

Finished fox paper cut

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Artist Profile: Rob Ryan AKA Mister Rob

The more I investigate and research, the more I am learning to embrace my love of paper and the craftsmanship working with paper can involve.

Rob Ryan: You can still do a lot wit a small brain

Rob Ryan: You can still do a lot wit a small brain

Rob Ryan is quite a well-known British artist, known for his paper cutting.

He moved around a fair bit as a child and found that drawing was like a friend that was always there for him. He feels that his continual love for reading children’s stories throughout his life has helped with his approach to art. He says:

“We are the same people we were as children, we are just bigger and pretend we’re not”.

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The journey of paper: China

I really wanted to write a story about chiyogami, but somehow it felt like I was jumping the queue – I will get to the Japanese papers in good time. I have taken a few steps back to help myself at least gain a better understanding and ‘refresh’ on the world changing invention that was paper. I work with paper on a daily basis, and as I look around my living room, I see so many uses of paper in my daily life that I take for granted. I know it is made from wood pulp, I even loved making my own recycled paper as a child, but I can’t remember ever stopping to really look into its history and the process behind it.

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