Light projection masterpiece

Wow, this is an amazing video! It makes you believe in magic… ok, at least that some people are really smart! Very much worth the reblog

Zack Chia

When I saw this video, I knew I just had to talk about it. This is some serious light projection experiment done on moving surfaces which explores the possibilities of real and digital space. I questioned the accuracy of this light projection mapping initially, but was completely taken in by the video. Towards the end, it even corresponds with the environment and the beauty of how the elements interacts as well as the animated sequences is simply mind blowing. All done by possibility 2 projector arms. It is absolutely magical. Brilliant work by Bot & Dolly from Mississippi USA.

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Why I love paper

where do I start? I love paper!

I am a print designer entering the age of digital and I feel so excited to be venturing into the stratosphere of technology and learning a plethora of new skills. However! I cannot help but feel that so much is lost by viewing our universe on an illuminated monitor – the texture, the smell, the taste, the tangibility that is denying our other senses.. That which makes it ‘real’. Ironically I end up writing a blog made up of many thousands of bytes, and many millions of pixels brought to you by the power on wireless signal transmitting in the ether… Confusing much?

In this blog I hope to explore the richness and luxury that is paper, how it is used, how it is made and also investigate my own fascination with the material and how it can be manipulated to achieve various results.