Artist profile: Yulia Brodskaya


As a designer seeking inspiration, the Internet, for me at least, plays a critical role in seeking new ideas and current trends. I can remember the day I stumbled upon the website and fine quilling art of Yulia Brodskaya, it was like a whole new window had been opened to my career and the view was amazing. As corny as it might sound, I believe finding Yulia’s website changed my life… Not in a ‘single white female’ way… But I was inspired…

Yulia is a Russian born artist, illustrator, crafter and typographer who lives in the United Kingdom. Her long list of commercial clients is ever growing. Her website is an amazing collection of works ranging across her spectrum of skills.

Her paper craft is what interests me most of all. I have always had a fascination with paper and as a graphic designer to see major companies and house-hold names incorporating quilling (which is often considered a ‘dowdy’ craft) in major advertising material was an incredible feeling that justified my life-long passion towards craft and its potential to be more than just a hobby.


Yulia, a wonderful story teller, conveys so much meaning and emotion in the work she does, putting so much of herself into each piece. Knowing the artwork is made by hand is almost a reassurance that the delicate and intricate quality of the finished product is testament to the product it promotes.

Yulia, clearly has a love of the medium and an understanding of how to work and manipulate the paper. It is clear that she experiments with new ideas and techniques quite often and isn’t limited by the medium.


One thing I love so much about her design’s is the lighting. The 3D nature of the project offers many aspects, and differing levels of intensity just by the use of lighting. The shadows play so beautifully and this kind of feeling (in my opinion) can not be replicated by digitally generated art. The texture is warm and familiar… I love it!


Yulia has inspired my work and thought process so much and has forced me to look at my own work in a new light and to push my skills in developing artwork.

I can highly recommend checking out Yulia’s website:

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